25 July 2006


I have to drive to Vail today and Aspen tomorrow and home from Aspen on Friday (through Denver to pick up Spencer!)
I want to die.
I woke up this morning at 5 in a full-on sweating panic attack and couldn't get back to sleep and of course I can't stop thinking about it. And it's supposed to rain. And Will is no help because he just isn't...I believe that he actually has no intention of driving any of the way, which makes me want to kill him a little bit. I used to love to drive SO MUCH. This phobia is getting out of control and I need to get ahold of the reins before I completely incapacitate myself.

Wish me luck.

18 July 2006

Soul Rebel Festival, 7/15/06

What I did last weekend. More photos to follow!!

13 July 2006

Self-Esteem, what's THAT??!

I'm not particularly depressed or sad or grumpy or hormonal, just feeling out of sorts and chubby and generally icky. The festival set-up begins tomorrow...once I get moving with that stuff, my self-absorbtion should dissipate. But, right now, I'm trying to figure out what to wear on Saturday, when I will be outside in the blazing sun and 100-degree weather all day and night, and covered in bug spray. I went shopping yesterday and squandered a bunch of money, but luckily didn't like anything once I got it home...now the process of returning things begins.

12 July 2006

My Self

My hair today looks like Sebastian Bach's from Skid Row:


And on a scale of 1 to 10, my skin is -387.

Fatness? Think Mama Cass with a flabbier stomach.

11 July 2006

Thunder, Reprise

The thunderstorm last night was AWESOME. It was parked right over Boulder and there was lightning everywhere and I loved every second of the show. I'm so so glad that it didn't rain. Otherwise I would have been grumpy as a mofo, regardless of the beautiful light show. And NO ONE wants to see me grumpy!

Speaking of rain, it has brought out these icky biting flies and the mosquitos. I was dying at the garden last night, to the point that I drove home and smothered myself in DEET-29, which will undoubtedly cause massive birth defects in any future children. But it was worth it (sorry, unborn children!) because it worked.

10 July 2006

Thunder, again

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE thunderstorms, but this is getting to be too much! Almost three weeks of a day without rain...today was sunny but humid (! yep, HUMID in Boulder...and nothing petty, either, my hair has been nutso), and now at 9:30 pm, the thunder is rumbling and rain is imminent. I went over and weeded at my garden plot for 1.5 hours this evening, filled a wheelbarrow, and it is still a mess. Great. So much for my restful Sunday. Saturday is the Soul Rebel Festival (http://www.interfold.com/ujama/SoulRebelFestival.html), which is a 15-hour volunteer day for me, and I love doing it, but MAN I NEED A BREAK. From shitty weather, from domestic turbulence, from crappy TV and from no sleep. Stupid construction going on across the street (they ripped down the house!) that started at 7 am for two weeks until the neighbor lost her MF MIND on them and now they don't begin jackhammering until at least 7:30. Respite, my ass! At least it's on my side of the house and not Spencer's...he hasn't even noticed yet that the house is gone, let alone been bothered by the noise.

08 July 2006

Lazy ass..

Geezus H Christo...I just wrote a BOOK and then my computer failed. SHIT SHIT SHIT. It just figures that I got a creative streak after a month of not posting, and then my blasted old computer had heart failure trying to upload one stupid picture. Anyway, the gist of it all was that: a) I'm lazy when it comes to this blog, b) it has been raining like crazy in Boulder including a hideous, 20 minute golf-ball hailstorm two weeks ago that killed my garden, c) I went to Cali/Catalina in June and had a lovely time, and d) I had an allergic reaction when I was there. Here are the pictures. Shit. It really was a great essay I wrote. More later when I'm not so mad.