30 September 2008

Best Headline of the Day

Serial Cigarette Burglar May Be Chain Smoker

Not worth reading, except for this: "Police describe the suspect as a white male, about 6 feet tall, 175 pounds, wearing a black ski mask, black hooded sweatshirt, gloves and dark pants. He also may smell of cigarette smoke."

28 September 2008

I Made a Funny

The washing machine finished a cycle and made a weird half-beep. I wondered aloud if maybe the fuse had blown or something...but a few minutes later, there was a really loud, really long BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, and I said...


"Wow, sounds like it's making up for lost chime.” LOL

25 September 2008

My comment at the BG News website:

(the context: every week the police blotter has about 100 arrests for public urination)

posted 9/25/08 @ 3:23 PM EST

Why is it that so many people in BG pee on the streets downtown? Perhaps it would be worth the cost to build a public toilet near the bars...

Funny Picture

Look closely (click on it) and check out my name written on my cup....I was terrified that someone would take my wine. NOT THE WINE, DAMMIT! TAKE MY VIRGINITY, TAKE MY FIRST BORN, BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE LEAVE THE WINE!!!!

09 September 2008

Good Old BG News

Thanks God they explained "public urination". Or was that the "disorderly conduct"? After all, it's most disorderly to walk and pee at the same time.


1:35 a.m.
Bradley Rader of Medina, Ohio, was cited for disorderly conduct, underage under the influence and public urination. According to police reports, an officer witnessed Rader walking "on the sidewalk with his fly open, and his penis exposed with a stream of urine coming from it."

Why I Will Never Own a Home in Boulder, CO

Boulder home prices rank high

BOULDER - If you're looking for an average single-family home in Colorado's main housing markets, Boulder is the most expensive in the state, and Colorado Springs is the most affordable.

So says an annual Coldwell Banker survey, which compared prices of the average 2,200-square-foot, four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath, two-car garage home in 315 U.S. housing markets. In Boulder, such a home would run about $645,000, the survey said. In Colorado Springs, the same home would cost about $198,500.

The price difference of $446,600 of two similar homes in the same state ranked Colorado with the 10th-largest gap in the U.S. from most expensive to most affordable. California had the largest price gap - of about $1.5 million - between the most and least expensive housing markets in one state.

La Jolla, Calif. ranked as the most expensive market in the entire U.S., where the average home costs $1,841,667. Sioux City, Iowa came in as the most affordable market in the U.S. with an average home price of $133,459.

Dubai was the most expensive market studied outside of North America, where the average comparable home cost $2.45 million.

03 September 2008

W Does It Again

Bicyclist injured on Arapahoe Avenue

A bicyclist was hospitalized with a broken pelvis and broken ribs after he was struck by a car while riding through the intersection of Arapahoe Avenue and Foothills Parkway late Monday afternoon.

The accident tied up traffic on Foothills Parkway for most of the evening's commute.

William Robson, 31, was riding his bike east through the intersection at about 4:15 p.m. when he was struck by a car heading north on Foothills. Robson, who was not wearing a helmet, was cited for disobeying a red light, according to police. He was taken by ambulance to Boulder Community Hospital.

The driver of the car was not cited.

The accident backed up traffic at the intersection for more than an hour.


As a person who happens to be in the know: 1. the cyclist did indeed t-bone the car and was in the wrong, 2. he was not wearing a helmet, and 3. he sustained no head injuries so in this case it wouldn't have made a difference (and lucky for him he has a hard head). Yes, we have all given him loads of sh*t about not wearing a helmet and he's aware that he could easily be dead right now. 4. He wasn't in a hurry, he misjudged the changing of the lights. It was an ACCIDENT. They happen, you know. To those commenters who seem to think that they know it all - please remember that everyone makes mistakes. Geesh.