26 April 2006

Katia baby pictures

Again, perhaps it's illegal to copy them from another site, but I wanted to put them someplace where they won't get lost! Maybe I'll just ask someone... :-)


Sarah sent me this:

If a hen and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long
would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill
pickle? --Tom Robbins

We don't get it.

24 April 2006


HAYWARD, Calif. -- Police said they arrested a man who spent five hours naked and stuck in the chimney of his stepmother's California home.
Police said Michael Urbano locked himself out of the house early Saturday morning and decided to get in on a cable TV wire through the chimney.
He told police he thought taking off his clothes would help ease his way down the chimney.
But the cable wire broke and Urbano fell, getting stuck about three-quarters of the way down. He was freed when a firefighter pushed him up to safety.

Urbano was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs.

14 April 2006

Baby is born...

...and she is ADORABLE. No name divulged as of yet... I coped this picture from Katia's friend's blog, I hope that's not illegal!

Strength to Katia

She's having a baby RIGHT NOW!! Send love and thoughts...and lots of energy...

13 April 2006

Zoo Photos

These are here because a) I am too retarded to figure out how to attach a photo album on here, b) because I am too retarded to figure out iPhoto, and 3) because I'm in a hurry (the short bus is waiting)....

12 April 2006


Here it is, folks, Shaggy's hand on the trail to resting RIGHT ON MY BOOB, which is what it did about 1.3 seconds after this picture was taken. I would have sued but I didn't want to have to go back to Florida for the trial.

Girls Gone Wild

Okay, not so much...but we DID have wine!! The lighting is AWFUL, so sorry!

11 April 2006

Is Garlic a Hallucinogen?

Last night I experienced weird and vivid dreams, about parties where Kevin from American Idol handed out credit cards, and concerts where 5 or 6 bands were all playing at the same time (it was very noisy!), and political uprising in Nepal, and being at home in Oxford eating pie and ice cream in the kitchen while waiting for my parents to come home from a trip.
On Saturday night, I had a VERY lucid dream about a major storm, that I watched go from driving rain to a tidal wave welling up across the bakyard. Things were strewn about everywhere and there was snow involved. I recall my dad walking through the front door and saying he almost died coming home from Sacramento (flying? driving? who knows).
Anyhoo, both nights I ate a ridiculous amount of garlic and I'm wondering if there's a correlation there.

05 April 2006

Karma Chameleon quote

Quote of the Day:

If I ever met karma in person and she turned out to be a crippled orphan with a tiny duckling nestled in her arms, I'd still kick
her in the head until she stopped moving.


Hump Day

It's amazingly lovely in Boulder today (75, sunny, bright slue sky), to the point where I am blowing off everything else I COULD be doing, and instead going to happy hour somewhere that has a patio. Boulder Cafe, probably, though it will be crowded and Spencer will hate every minute. Too bad I don't have my camera, to take pictures of us on the Mall.

Speaking of Spencer, I had a revelation yesterday that made me cry. He is too old to sleep with me now. He's still a little kid, but he's 9 and that's too old. Also I can't bite his butt any more without risking intensive therapy on his part when he's a teenager. This is almost too much for me to bear...it makes me want another one, so I can start all over again. I would make certain to take it so much more slowly...