18 January 2009


The whole thing happened very quickly, so as of Feb 1 - 15, Spencer and I will be relocating - back to the duplex where we lived several years ago. It's TINY, but at the base of Flagstaff, with a gorgeous front deck and a big backyard, and there's no need to spend much time indoors when you have all of that right out the front door. I'm going to need to figure out how to get rid of a bunch of furniture and clothes, and fast! When we lived there before, we shared the space with the woman who had just moved out. She needed a place in Boulder from which to teach her individual and group language classes. We lasted there for 2.5 years, but the situation was not ideal, as this woman had no sense of boundaries and was there all the time (she gave me $100 a month, and took up a whole corner of the living room with her desk, not to mention the enormous burden of invading our emotional and personal space). Anyhoo, she's gone now, and the people who currently live there want to move downstairs - perfect. They have painted every room a different color, and it's all very ambient and copacetic. But SO SMALL. I guess we'll get used to it; we dealt with it before, and that was with a constant stream of people traipsing in and out. I'm going to need help from those of you who have better decorating creativity than I (it's minimal, sadly)!! Photos to follow...maybe not until I get the deck looking beautiful again....MAN OH MAN, I'm going to miss what I have done with this yard over the past three summers!! I might have to do some transplanting before I go...stealing my own flowers, is that legal?

14 January 2009

The OPD, Hard at Work!

And I thought the Boulder police were bad...

Vacant house check uncovers unclaimed water bong

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oxford police performing a vacant house check during the holiday break wound up discovering a colorful, yet illegal decoration.

Officers reported finding the front window of a South Campus Avenue house unlocked on Jan. 2, entering the residence to secure the window and ensure no criminal activity was taking place inside. During a routine search of the home, police said they found an orange water bong sitting in plain view in an upstairs closet.

The bong, which reportedly contained what appeared to be marijuana residue, was confiscated after officers finished checking the remainder of the house for signs of burglary.

An officer returned to the residence on Jan. 11 in an attempt to find the bong's owner, but report a resident said he was unsure who it might have belonged to in the house. A police investigation into the owner of the bong continues.