31 July 2008

Oh My Lordy Be

I just FINALLY configured my home HP PhotoSmart to my laptop. Y'all are in for a beating of scanned old-timey pictures!

NOTE: I am still sick (hence, just calm enough to sit down and figure out the old HP instead of spazzing around as usual). For my entertainment, I'm sure, my cats have brought into the house and dismembered AT LEAST twenty different bugs today. Grasshoppers, moths, butterflies (NOOOOOOO, not the BUTTERFLIES!!!! I scream), and various sundry beetles. And then they eat them. At least they're not bringing in small mammals and/or birds.

One to start:

Oh, well....shit. I guess I haven't got it QUITE down yet...

Wait, I ain't no dummy...

30 July 2008

Frackin' HOT - and counting...

we are closing in on a record of 23 days in a row above 90 degrees. Right now, in Boulder, it is 99, and I have been home from work all day. This would be all good because I like it hot, HOWEVER: I'm sitting in my living room freezing to death and sweating at the same time, because I have a fever of 102, compliments of some shitty strep/ear infection/infected tonsil thing that gripped me in the middle of the night and caused much discomfort and allowed no sleep whatsoever. My doctor took one look at my swollen neck (yeah, you can see it from the outside, lovely!), got a very concerned look on her face, and checked my interior maw ("say AHHHH" - hard to do when there's a big stick being jammed down your throat), and then announced, "well, you're a very sick woman!" I think she was happy about it. After all, how much fun would doctoring be if EVERYONE were a hypochondriac? As far as I'm concerned I have been handling it all like a trooper, except for when I stopped at my office to pick up a couple of files, had a fever spike, and almost passed out. I ran out of there crying, which is charming and ever so professional. I didn't miss much at work this afternoon because right after I left, the transformer blew and the servers all went down and the power went out, and there were firetrucks and all sorts of fun things that I can honestly say I don't mind missing.

I have loads of pictures to share, but can't find my blasted camera power cord. I might have to go buy a new one (or I could clean the house and look for it, but THAT'S SILLY).

14 July 2008

7th Annual Soul Rebel Festival 2008

Stage set-up

Vendor set-up

Ursula and me (at that angle, I look like my ass is about 6 feet wide)


Front Gate


Indra the Butterfly

More fest

I'm hot. Literally.

I don't remember which band this is!

Canon and the Lion of Judah band

Cannon and Matt
Prezident Brown

And...the very best of all:

10 July 2008


Inna my yard...click on the close-ups!