28 January 2008

What Spencer and I saw..

walking across 55th Street in southeast Boulder:

This isn't the same one, because I was driving and couldn't get a picture. It must live around there, because the people walking down the sidewalk didn't look the least bit surprised. We certainly were!! It was a reallly big one, too, with gorgeous feathers, so someone must feed it. I guess that if they live at the Denver Zoo year-round, then they can live on a Colorado farm, too.

27 January 2008

Happy Birthday to Me (yesterday)

1. New, short, haircut (pictures when I look better)
2. ALL DAY at the Pub. Too much wine.
3. Wicked huge fight with Will. Rings given back, yelling, crying, over nothing more than my insecurity. This after he brought me tiramisu with a candle. What a drunken bitch I can be. Oops.
4. Pretty new ring (from Wolf) pretty new earrings from Maija, et al
5. Sigh.

Me to Spencer: "why aren't you over here scratching my back?"
Spencer: "because I'm over here watching Jethro lick his balls."
Me (to self): "I got nuthin."

10 January 2008

8 Days

Booze-free. Wow. And I LIKE it, that's the weirdest thing! I joined the Y last weekend (nah, I haven't gone yet), I'm getting things done at home (hence no Y trips), I'm getting things done at work, and I can SLEEP and wake up feeling like I'm able to face the day. Wow.